Membership Benefits

The benefits of joining AESIN include:

⇒ Access to
o AESIN Workstreams / Knowledge networks and resources
o Network professionals and world class academics
o Development of industry Roadmapping / Guidance documents

⇒ Projects
o Members will also be able to propose joint projects aligned to the mission and, when authorised, become part of the official programme.

⇒ Events
o Conferences and Workshops – many workshops will be free to attend and conferences will be discounted

⇒ Marketing and brand benefits including
o Profile listing
o Sponsorship opportunities at member rates
o Speaking opportunities at events
o Opinion pieces / blog writing / article contributions
o Monthly Newsletter – opportunities for promotional materials

⇒ General
o Use member only resources and guidelines
o Voice and Representation ( AESIN is represented on the UK Auto Council ICV Group )