Ingo Lüdtke

CSA Catapult

Head of Power Electronics, CSA Catapult 

Ingo has been in his current role since 2018, leading the technical direction of the Catapult’s power electronics team. His expertise and research interests are in the modelling, optimisation and application of wide bandgap power electronics.

He has a PhD in industrial motor control and over 20 years of industrial experience as a designer and technical lead of three-phase motor control hardware and software, technical director and deputy managing director.

In 2020, Ingo has been awarded an Honorary Visiting Professor title from Cardiff University.

Presentation: Power electronics device modelling using ANNs and initial steps towards design automation

Wide bandgap power semiconductors have been successfully applied in automotive BEV applications such as traction inverters, DC-DC converters and chargers, delivering benefits such as improved energy efficiency and power density. Multi-objective power electronics optimisation based on accurate device models enables improved design choices to balance costs and technical performance.