Dr. Ying Lia Li (Lia) will be speaking in the ‘Current and Future Inertial Sensor Capabilities’ section of the Royal Institute of Navigation’s ‘Inertial Sensing and Connected Autonomous Vehicles’ event on the 25th of April.

Zero Point Motion creates chip-scale optical inertial sensors. These are 100 times more sensitive than existing commercial sensors and can be applied for monitoring vibration and could ultimately be used for 3D positioning where GPS is not available. Zero Point Motion has successfully raised a £2.58m seed round, is based in Bristol and are a 9-person team. Applications include motion tracking for AR/VR, indoor navigation and autonomous platforms such as cars and drones.

Lia holds an Msc in Physics from Imperial College, London and completed her doctorate at UCL where was awarded a UK Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in 2019. She has two filed patents and two granted patents and was awarded the 2021 Institute of Physics Clifford Paterson Medal & Prize and the Innovate UK Women in Innovation 2022 award.