AESIN uses workstreams to break down the components of automotive electronics processes into manageable specialist groups.


Technologies for Increased Autonomy in a Functional Safe Environment

Chaired by:

Tim Edwards (Horiba Mira)

The ADAS & HAV workstream subgroups include:
Sensing, System Engineering
¦ Machine Control ¦ Validation & Verification ¦ Standards & Safety 


Developing the Approach to Manage Highly Integrated Embedded Systems

Chaired by:

Michael Welsh, Capgemini Engineering

The Software workstream subgroups include:
Tools and Methods ¦ Vehicle Architecture ¦ Big Data ¦ ECU Software ¦ Middleware & Coding ¦ Testing 

Automotive Security

Define and establish Digital Resilience and Survivability approach





The Automotive Security subgroups include: Security Best Practice Methodology ¦ Certification ¦ Vulnerability Disclosure ¦ Cyber MOT ¦ Security Landscape

The group will prioritise the Automotive Electronics security elements according to Industry demand and work closely with the Automotive Council UK and Zenzic.

More Electric Powertrain

Enabling Technology of the next Generation Electric Vehicles

Chaired by:

Rob Millar, Williams Advanced Engineering

Co-Chaired by:

Dr. Alastair McGibbon, CSA Catapult & Andrew Ashby, BAE Sytems

Subgroups within this workstream include: RESS (Renewable Energy Storage Systems) ¦ PEMD  (Power Electronics, Machines & Drives) ¦ Charging Grid ¦ Cross Sector PEUK (Power Electronics UK)

Electric Powertrains are transforming the road vehicle of the future. Electric Vehicles offer energy efficient and low CO2 solutions building on latest Storage, Power Electronics (Wide Band Gap technology), eMachines, Drives and Charging technology already under development in the UK.  Led by Williams Advanced Engineering, the group will prioritise the Powertrain Sub Group Elements according to Industry demand and Roadmapping, working closely with the Automotive Council UK,  APC(Advanced Propulsion Centre),   Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult,   DER(Driving the Electric Revolution),   FARADAY and PEUK(Power Electronics UK).


Clean and Connected Mobility

Enabling Technology for V2X in a Low Carbon & Secure Data Environment

Chaired by:


The clean and Connected Mobility subgroups include:
Connected Infrastructure ¦ Data & Services ¦ Comms. Technology ¦ Impacts of Connectivity on Low Carbon Transport ¦ Data Integrity & Reliability

This work is aligned with the Automotive Council UK “Intelligent Connected Vehicles” forum and the Transport Technology Forum (TTF).

This workstream builds on the work done by AESIN members in the UKCITE Project:


Research Advisory Board

Providing guidance to the Steering Committee and to other workstreams

Chaired by:

Kevin Vincent, Coventry University

The AESIN Research Advisory Board is designed to provide strategic guidance to the AESIN Steering Committee and technical guidance to the 5 AESIN workstreams.

The Advisory Board helps ensure that AESIN is aware of and can exploit effectively, relevant collaborative research opportunities funded in part or whole by national and international funding bodies such as UKRI, Innovate UK, UK Research Council, Horizon 2020 etc.

Members of our workstreams