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This Virtual Conference will provide insight into the latest thinking and experiences from leading cross-industry players.

At the AESIN Security Conferences in 2019 and 2020 Industry and Academia combined to set out the Cyber resilience challenge facing the automotive industry as we transition to greater autonomy, ever increasing levels of connectivity and vehicle system complexity. To outline an approach and to ask for your help in understanding how to operationalise Cyber Resilience, what research could be repurposed to kick start a solution, and how to meet and where necessary influence our regulatory obligations.

Now in 2021 we’re back to explain and debate what, with your help we, we have done to refine the approach and to demonstrate its technical and economic feasibility at scale.

Hosted by Peter Davies, Director Security Concepts, this Virtual Conference will provide insight into the latest thinking and experiences from leading cross-industry players, considering topics such as skills requirements, digital trust, secure architecture, cryptographic keys/authentication, robustness – resilient application interfaces and remote updates/access/firmware OTA (over-the-air).

In three sessions we will cover:

  • Operationalising Cyber Resilience engineering
  • Cyber Resilience legal and insurance
  • 3rd party access, data and software implants, developing the EcoSystem

Our Speakers

Dr Stephen Lambert
AESIN Chairman

Dr Stephen Lambert received his Doctorate from the University of Warwick by looking at the applicability of hybrid and electric drivetrains in motorsport. Following this he worked at Lotus Engineering, developing hybrid and electric demonstrator vehicles for a number of OEMs.

Through this role, he found himself working closely with battery manufacturers as a key partner for these projects. He has since worked in various roles around developing battery technology in areas such as Formula 1 and high performance road cars. He is now responsible for the electrification strategy for automotive customers with McLaren Applied technologies, where he is helping deliver advantage by empowering customer to introduce and protect new vehicle concepts and technologies and to drive differentiation in the market.

David Skipp
Manager, Ford

David Skipp is Manager, UK Research and Advanced Engineering at Ford Motor Company.  In this role since January 2015, David is responsible for running collaborative research projects in the UK in association with University, SME, Supply Chain and other industry partners.

David works closely with a number of industry bodies, and has been active within a number of UK Automotive Council working groups.

In his previous role, David was Manager, Sustainability Planning & Strategy, responsible for  Emissions, CO2, and Powertrain Technology strategies and resulting future product plans for Ford Of Europe markets.  Prior to that, David was Manager, Gasoline Powertrain Development, responsible for gasoline engine development and calibration.

Since graduating from Brunel University with a multi-discipline engineering degree, David has held a number of Powertrain Development, Vehicle Development, and Product Planning roles in over 25 years at Ford Motor Company.

Peter Davies
Technical Director, Thales

I love what I do, approach everything with energy and enthusiasm and can always see an angle. As a Technical Director of Thales in the UK I have been their leading expert on Cryptography in the UK responsible for providing cryptography and information security direction and expertise on a variety of products and projects.  Previous work includes the development and certification of flexible and interoperable commercial security solutions that are also widely used by governments; these solutions are available worldwide and support the security of both communications and infomatics in an international, multi grade environment. My specialist knowledge is at the core of the cyber defence and forensics activities that I undertake combatting existential treats against business. I can, and have, interacted on security and products at any level from Prime Minister, through Board to deep technical including Agencies, Certification Labs and partners developing and sustaining business opportunities worldwide. I have generated patents in the area of digital DNA and my research covers aspects of technical security as well as aspects of super-identities and their role in combatting human based cyber-attacks. I have lead EU security research contract and have acted as a n expert on others. As well as contributing to standards I am a frequent speaker at international conferences and deliver lectures to postgraduate information and cyber security programmes in the UK and worldwide.

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