Conference 2017

The AESIN Annual Conference 3rd October 2017

Conference Talks

Conference Opening Address
Alan Banks, AESIN Chairman

Alan welcomes delegates to the AESIN Conference 2017 while also giving an update on AESIN activities to date.

“UK Roadmap for Intelligent & Connected Vehicles”
David Skipp – Ford Motor Company

In this talk, David will discuss why Autonomous Vehicles need roadmaps, where these roadmaps may take us and what we should focus on next.

“Mobility 2030”
Mukarram Bhaiji, KPMG

Mukarram will discuss the Mobility2030 network, which KPMG has set up in conjunction with Ford, which convenes business leaders from 40+ organisations across the mobility ecosystem.

“When Will My Car Be Able to Pick Me Up?”
Simon Clark, PA Consulting

Simon discusses how PA has developed a comprehensive CAV Capability model, designed to pinpoint when the autonomous vehicle revolution may occur, consider what is required to adopt autonomy effectively and benchmark when to invest in new technologies and systems.

“Funding Innovation Across Automotive Electronics”
David Tozer, Innovate UK

David will provide information on the Innovate UK competitions. The focus of these competitions has been diverse, including zero emission vehicles, connectivity & autonomy and vehicle to grid interaction. One common thread running through them all however are electronics.

Key Themes Included

  • ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles

  • Automotive Security

  • Connected Car

  • More Electric Powertrain

  • Research & Development

  • Software

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