AESIN & TTF Exploiting Connected Vehicles Workshop, 4th December

The Opportunity – Connected Vehicles to Make Roads Better

Data from conventionally driven connected vehicles is a largely untapped near-term opportunity for the UK public sector and UK business. There are potential short-term benefits from exploiting data through:

  • Saving asset ownership costs for local authorities and network operators – particularly in more efficient maintenance of roads themselves.
  • Reduced cost of travel, including smoother journeys, parking and freight operations.
  • As a tool for emission reductions
  • Enabling new services such as smarter parking

In addition, there are potential wider societal benefits in:

  • National productivity gains – enhanced urban capacity and congestion management.
  • Safety.
  • Air quality.

Opportunities exist not only in data from new vehicles, but also from the existing vehicle fleet. The challenge is to think beyond traditional solutions to apply vehicle data in network management in a win-win for the public sector and business, and for data collected but currently unused to be exploited.

The Workshop – Principles

The workshop focuses specifically on connected, not autonomous, vehicles to identify and trigger:

  • Use of data wanted by roads operators and collected by vehicles
  • Arrangements between key infrastructure, network, data handling and vehicle players to unlock benefits.
  • Business models to enable the value of the data, addressing obstacles to exploitation.
  • Funding for development.

The emphasis is firmly on real world near-term solutions, not blue-sky thinking. We expect that this workshop will trigger immediate collaborations and identify where government stimulation of innovation would be beneficial.

Event Agenda

*Click on the bold presentation titles to download the speaker presentations

“Introduction and Welcomes from Chairs”
– Tom MacMorran, TTF and Paul Jarvie & Robert Green, AESIN

“Government Needs”
– Ella Taylor and Anthony Ferguson, CCAV

Matching Need and Supply (Traffic, Emissions, Assets, Parking…)

“What Services Do Users Want?”
– Dan Hubert, Appy Parking 

“What Do Road Authorities Want?”
– Darren Capes, City of York Council
– Phil Proctor, Highways England

What Can Connected Vehicles Provide?

“OEM Focus – What Data Can Future Connected Vehicles Provide?”
– Colin Lee, Jaguar Land Rover

“Current Projects and Services”
– Claire Lewis, Visteon/UK CITE
– Matt Cowley, Trakm8
– Douglas Gilmour, TomTom

“Closing Remarks and Actions”

If you would like to find out more information on involvement opportunities, please contact Paul Jarvie (07739427766).