Ricardo announce White Paper on The Automation Revolution Coming to Mobility and Transport by 2025

Automation will transform the way we move, how we transport goods, the kinds of vehicles we use and the way we purchase mobility services in the next 10 years and beyond. Ricardo has long recognised this trend and has been engaged in cutting edge programmes in connected and automated vehicles. This report has gathered inputs and learning from around Ricardo’s global consulting business units, allowing us to highlight the observations in this paper.

We are at the beginning of a truly massive paradigm shift in mobility and transport – are you ready? Within this publication we define what Connected and Automated (or Autonomous) Vehicles encompass and where they are being used. With a focus on likely automated mobility systems deployed by 2025, commercialisation scenarios are outlined including the impact automation will have on surrounding industries. Key technologies that will be required are introduced as well as the challenges and solutions in development. An early application of automation technologies will be truck platooning, hence the deployment and the impact this will have on the long-distance road haulage industry will be outlined. The influence of CAVs on city congestion is also assessed, and in closing, a view is offered on how technological developments with further solidify the impact CAVs will have by 2035.

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