Autonomous Vehicles expert from PA Consulting to Present Keynote at the Premier UK Automotive Electronics Conference

The Automotive Electronic Systems Innovation Network (AESIN) Expands Impressive Line-up of top Industry Leading Speakers

The Automotive Electronic Systems Innovation Network (AESIN) is a dedicated UK initiative focused on the accelerated and advanced delivery of Electronic Systems into Automotive applications and infrastructure.

AESIN today announced the addition of another notable industry speaker to its exciting programme – Simon Clark; Autonomous Vehicles expert & Consumer lead at PA Consulting is joining the AESIN2017 Conference, Oct 3, Solihull.




KEYNOTE: When Will My Car Be Able To Pick Me Up?: A Timeline for Autonomous Vehicle Enablement

The Autonomous Vehicles expert of PA Consulting will share his views on what the journey to successful vehicle autonomy looks like, discussing how Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) are likely to progress over the coming decade.

Simon’s experience in autonomous vehicles stems from working as part of Jaguar Land Rover to launch their first suite of connected car products across two vehicle platforms and three countries, back in early 2014.

With an engineering degree from Loughborough, a masters from Cambridge University and over 11 years’ industry and consulting experience; Simon’s background in engineering, supply chain, marketing and strategy provide him with the ability to view the subject of autonomous vehicles from different perspectives which is vital for such a diverse and complex subject.

Held on Oct 3rd at the National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull; this Premier UK Conference and Networking Dinner will provide insight into the latest thinking from Industry leaders and champions and offers companies the opportunity to engage in UK programmes driving the automotive revolution enabled by electronic systems.


Speakers include:

  • David Skipp, Manager, UK Research and Advanced EngineeringFord Motor Company
  • Alessandro Modigliana, Senior Specialist, Satellite Communications & Paul Febvre, CTO Satellite Applications Catapult
  • Paul Brookes, Head of Research and Development, Intelligent Traffic SystemsSiemens Mobility

The full programme can be seen on the AESIN website.

With more than 200 delegates expected from across the industry, up to 20 exhibitors and vehicle demonstrators, we are looking forward to welcoming you at our biggest and best Automotive Electronics Conference.

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AESIN provides an excellent basis for collaboration across electronic systems and automotive domains with Industry led Workstreams covering Connected Car, ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles, Security, More Electric Powertrain and Software.

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Edinburgh Software Company to enable cars with artificial intelligence

Codeplay Software has announced it is working with Renesas, a leading Japanese semiconductor company, to enable their next generation of advanced automotive processors. The technology will be included in future cars that interpret the surroundings and safely take control to avoid accidents or aid with driving functions.

This new relationship will also attract at least 30 new software jobs into Edinburgh, further enhancing its reputation for attracting high-tech employment.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is already available today in high-end cars providing functions such as adaptive cruise control and self parking. The next generation extends these functions relieving the driver of more responsibilities including steering, avoiding accidents and ultimately take full control towards the autonomous car.

Codeplay’s software is using its technology and experience applied to games and mobile phones over the last 15 years to enable Renesas’ latest automotive processors with an advanced vision processing and machine learning platform.

“Codeplay has already worked directly with the world’s greatest processors providing advanced software solutions” said Andrew Richards, Founder and CEO of Codeplay Software, “We are excited to be enabling Renesas great products. It endorses the company’s product and the leadership reputation of the software engineers.

About Codeplay

Codeplay is internationally recognized for expertise in heterogeneous systems, and has many years of experience with OpenCL™, SYCL™, Vulkan™ and specialized tools for complex processor architectures. Codeplay is enabling advanced vision processing and machine learning C++ applications using ComputeAorta, an implementation of OpenCL for heterogeneous processing, and ComputeCpp™, a product based on the SYCL open standard for single-source programming using completely standard C++. Codeplay has earned a reputation as one of the global leaders in compute processing systems. For more information, visit

Codeplay has a strong recruitment program and actively invites the best software engineers to join the Edinburgh team. They are licensed visa sponsors and have many years experience in welcoming people to work with them from all over the world. Contact the company directly to learn about the great work environment and opportunities.

Codeplay is a real home-grown, Scottish success story. Codeplay was founded by Andrew Richards and Jens-Uwe Dolinsky. Andrew started his career in the 8-bit days writing games for the ZX Spectrum from home, progressing up to writing large console games on the Sega Megadrive and PlayStation. He then decided he was interested in producing new technology for game developers to enable them to do new things. It was becoming possible to do some interesting new things on the graphics hardware that was being introduced. So he started a company with Uwe (who has a PhD in Robotics) to develop technology to let programmers take software they had written for normal computers and run it on new graphics-capable computers. It seemed like an interesting revolution that was about to happen. That was more than a decade ago and to be honest, it took a bit longer than he expected to happen!

Codeplay first operated in 2002 out of a small 2nd floor office in Edinburgh’s Hanover St, before rapidly expanding until in 2017 they are proud to announce a staff of 70 in Argyle House, with 2 colleagues working remotely in Toronto and the Isle of Skye. During this period, Codeplay have always tried to maintain their friendly work culture along with the growth in their workforce and market reach. Codeplay is extremely proud of their Silver Accreditation from Investors in People and is actively working towards Gold Accreditation.