Automotive Electronic Systems network announces 2014 conference date and venue

Announces industry executive day and technology themes

The Automotive Electronic Systems Innovation Network (AESIN) has announced it will run its popular two-day conference on Oct 14th and 15th once again at the University of Warwick.

The conference is designed to bring a rich set of industry professionals and stakeholders together to accelerate developments enabled by electronic systems in the automotive domain. The first day of the conference is an industry executive day which will provide a briefing update on key UK programmes. The second day will look closer at the technology developments that enable future automotive systems. Key themes include:

  • The Connected Car
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure / Vehicle to Vehicle
  • Functional Safety and Security Concerns

Conference director Paul Jarvie commented “automotive is a very exciting domain right now. Electronic systems enable a great deal of innovation in vehicle performance, consumer services and transport infrastructure. Along with the new technology come real concerns in regard to safety and security so it is vital that the industry carefully considers these aspects. That’s the essence of the AESIN conference and we’re delighted to help move the knowledge and understanding along for the benefit of the UK industry.”

Interested parties can register or make contact via the AESIN website.